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We recognize that we are favored by God Whom we serve with simple submission.  This means, among many things, that we give our major attention to the elements of society who have the greatest needs, who seemingly have nothing with which to repay us and who have few privileges in the world.  We serve them without a sense of paternalism, admiring and respecting the great potential found in each one of them.  





Loving Service  

Inspired by the Lord’s love and presence in us and seeing his sublime example when he walked among humanity, we are inspired to look for those who most need the help we might be able to give.  We seek to enlist and inspire others to join us and Christ in this sacred mission for the full and spiritual salvation of individuals, families, communities and nations.






We seek the greatest holiness in all our efforts that God might grant to us.  This means to think, speak and act only in the righteous manner the Bible might command.  In our use of words, means and money, our standard for honesty is God’s perfection itself and we submit ourselves to him that we might be able to receive this special grace.




Divine Hope   

Ever since the day we organized as the “Church on the March,” we see that God has acted as the Founder and Guide of this effort.  We see this in the miraculous development of ministries we entered “by accident “ in the simple fulfillment of our normal duties.  In this sense, we do not rush to project new efforts we might plan, but we build plans on new efforts God Himself initiates among us.  We find ourselves working in unique ways in ministries that are uncommon and, yet, are urgent, well-received, and easily conducted—gathering support for them on the same fields where we minister.  This gives us great hope for victories in ministries we have and for ministries that have not yet even occurred to us but are in the heart and the plans of God.





Our greatest successes are those we are given in concert with others.   We work beside them in this, helping and encouraging them to conduct the same ministries to which God calls us.   They provide their own leadership, efforts and finances.   We count their victories, in some ways enabled or strengthened by us and our ministries, as our own victories as well.





The writing and endless copying of the books of the New Testament set Christianity on a straight course and gave indispensable written resources for Christians throughout the world.  We have found a great need for simple and practical interactive Bible-based literature especially for making disciples of the lost and, as they come to Christ, training them in the Scriptures and in the missionary ministry to which every Christian is called.  Fulfilling this need has been the foundation of all of the ministries into which the Lord is leading us.