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For the past 11 years we have been providing missionary teams from the United States, most of these have been from only three states, Texas, Oklahoma, and California and out of each state only one church or association has provided these teams. We are currently working with 50 missions in rural areas with many different cultures and languages.

These teams have provide service in the following ways:

  • Construction of new mission building.
  • Pastoral support with side by side witnessing and training.
  • Developing new projects in the community through outreach.
  • Vacation Bible Schools.
  • Medical teams with nurses for light medical care.
  • Relationship building though working at schools.
  • Training local pastors.
  • Safe water treatment in churches, schools and police department.
  • Construction help within communities ie: roofs, doors, and flooring.

These mission trips have built 13 new missions from the ground up with 11 in Guatemala and 2 in Honduras. The first year the teams visited 261 students. We are now currently visiting 21,000 students each year.