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Materials needed for the work are either not available or are very expensive with very few locations available to buy materials. Additionally, Pastors and churches do not have the resources needed to reproduce materials in the number needed. Therefore, we provide several areas of support including but not limited to:

  • Reproduction of material needed for church and discipleship.
  • Delivery of materials to far away locations.
  • Provide youth material and reproduce as needed.
  • Provide and reproduce material for both men and women.
  • Provide internet copies of material for areas that have internet and reach out to those who do not (currently only 50% have access to internet).
  • Provide complete Bibles as well as New Testaments where needed.

The materials we provide are for teaching discipleship, doctrine and new Christians. We also provide studies for the local churches and missions to use for Sunday Schoolclasses and Vacation Bible Schools. All material provided is used to build leaders through discipleship and is provided free of charge to churches and missions.

Last year we printed 1.5 million lessons to be used in the schools all across Guatemala and Latin America.